Available in two capacities, our purpose-built salt spreaders are towable by almost any vehicle and will make light work of keeping your business moving, reducing the risk of injuries and subsequent claims from slipping on ice. Each one has a galvanised hopper with an internal agitator specifically designed for salt and internal grading grid/safety guard.

For maximum durability our gritters feature a heavy duty industrial axle driven spinner (no wires or hoses to connect), unique spinner disengage levers (reducing wear, clogging and skidding) and road legal quad bike tyres for unsurpassed traction.

Our gritters are designed for use only with DRY salts sold for spreading, e.g. brown, pink or white rock salts to BS 3247. We recommend high purity white salt to BS 3247 (available in 25kg bags).
Grit, salt/grit or wet salts will not spread as efficiently.

Standard features:

  • Available in 180 or 500kg sizes

  • Stainless steel spinner/fan blade

  • Stainless steel spread limiter/deflector - essential for safety and control

  • Massive spread width, adjustable from 2 - 15m

  • Spread direction: 180 degrees behind

  • Adjustable flow rate

  • Caravan style 50mm ball hitch

Optional extras:

  • Non standard hitch adaptors manufactured to fit towing vehicle

  • Elasticated PCV hopper cover to keep salt dry and free-flowing

  • Road lighting kit (trailer lighting board/bracket)

  • Mud guards allowing road legal use (max 10mph)

Gritter attachment

Gritter attachment

Gritter attachment