Our reversible snowploughs clears snow to either side and are built to last; featuring galvanized steel frames, zinc plated bolts and bolt-on, curved polyethylene dishes for both safety (the dish is flexible, protecting the operator, forklift, plough and surface) and efficiency (snow flows off polyethylene better than steel).

For maximum reliability, our snowploughs will not become permanently bent upon impact, will never rust and are easily replaceable.

Standard features:

  • Simply drive forks into pockets and tighten T-bolts

  • Clears snow to the right or left by simply turning over

  • Polyethylene dish available as standard in 1500, 1750 or 2000mm wide; 450mm high; 20mm thick

  • Dish width up to 3000mm available on extra wide frames

  • Maximum fork section of 150 x 65mm

  • Minimum gap required between forks of 450mm

  • Weighs from 70kg (1500mm dish)

Snow Shovels

Our high-quality, corrosion resistant snow shovels are available in either GRP or polypropylen and in sizes to suit all applications.

Snowplough attachment

Snowplough attachment

Snow shovels